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It's time for some modding

Hi guys, I drive an LLT M6 Camaro and I want to get some more power out of it. I have been reading this forum for a long time and I have some questions for you and the vendors. All I have done to my car so far is an MRT v1 axleback and Eibach springs and sways.

This is the list of mods that i have in mind:

Cai intake with the scoop and washer kit relocator

Vmax ported tb - How does the core charge work? How much time do I have to ship my tb and get the $200 back?

Rx catch can and breather (I should have done this a long time ago from what I've been reading)

Ported intake manifold - I see that RX and MACE offer this product; which one shows the best gains when coupled with the manifold insulator? What are the prices? How does the core charge work for this product? If I buy the ported IM from one of these two companies with the corresponding manifold insulator, are the IM and insulator going to be port matched before I receive them? Does this mod require port matching the heads to get good results or is still worth it?

Manifold insulator - same as above: does it need to be matched to the ported IM or it comes ready to plug and play if I buy both at the same time from the same company? What about the gasket matching?

A second round of mods will be:

BBK LT headers with high flows - should I get the stainless steel ones? Do I need the after cat pipes from BBK or the stock pipes are good? Does it get raspy even with the Magnaflow resonated xpipe (I couldn't find videos for my setup - mrt v1)?

Magnaflow resonanted xpipe - do i need welding for this and the headers or clamps are fine?

Trifecta tune - where can I buy this? I read it's 400$, does it come with the OBD cable or will that be an additional cost?

I plan on installing all of these goodies by myself with the help of a good friend.

Do you have any suggestions for any of these or additional mods?

I apologize for all these questions, I like to do a good research before I pull the trigger. Thanks for your time and help!

And here is a picture of my car

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