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Originally Posted by tiggerss View Post
Hey I'm from the fort erie area,I may consider this if the weather is good.Do you have some easy directions or an address I can have "on star" find,let me know!!!
Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
Oh i will buddy signed me up on the corvette forums

I went on the webers run with some of these was a blast!

Glad to have you along Ken.

Tiggerss, here is the proposed cruise route. Anyone can check it out on google maps. The link is for the starting point. The route may not look promising on the map, but believe me, you will have fun. Lots of hilly and twisty roads plus, hopefuly, some picturesque fall colour scenery.,0.02178&z=16

Proposed Route: (Use map view on google maps to trace the route out. Satellite view doesn't work for some of it.) I will be doing this route Fri or Sat to verify roads are not blocked, or under construction and to see if there are any picturesque spots we can stop at.

Meet at Tim Hortons at Mississauga and Derry Road’s @ 9AM-10AM

West on Derry Road to Trafalgar North, then west on 15 sideroad to hwy 25 north to 22nd sideroad. Head east to 4th line and head north to Hwy 7. Make a right turn on Hwy 7 and head to 6th line and turn left. Head north on 6th line to 32 Sideroad. Turn right and head east to Trafalgar. Turn left on Trafalgar and head north to Wellington Road 124 and head east to 9th line, turn right and then left onto Wellington Road 52 which turns into Bush Road.

Follow Bush Road to the Forks of the Credit Road to Hurontario (Hwy10) and turn left and head north to Highway 9. Turn left on Highway 9.
We will make a stop at Angels Diner. It is on Hwy 9 on route.

Follow Hwy 9 west to CR11 and head north.
Head straight north on CR11 to Shelburne. Turn right on Hwy 89 and then left onto 124 north.

Reddickville marks CR 21 and we'll turn right here and start east. Turn right at Concession 4 and head to 15 Sideroad. Turn left and head to Concession Road 15 and turn right.

Head south to Hwy 89.

At 89, turn right and to Hwy 10. Then turn left.

Continue south to CR 8 at Camilla where we'll turn left towards Mono Centre.

Continue along CR 8 until we're back at Airport Road (#18) - take a right and head south.

Follow Airport Road to Hockley Road and turn left. Follow to the end where the country diner is (Adjala TLine).

Get back on Hockley Road and follow west to Hwy 10, turn left and head south.

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