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Originally Posted by super60 View Post
Thank you HDRDTD!, for those kind words!

I now have my 30yrs of service in at GM and can retire anytime. But I have been involved with the Oshawa Camaro Build Team Group since before production started and worked on the very first VIN # 0001 , the first convertible, first ZL1, along with the COPO's and first 1LE's, and I want to do a bit of work on the Z28! so I've decided to ride it out to the end and work on the very last Oshawa built 5thgen before we hand the torch over to Lansing MI. ( who I'm sure will do a great job with the 6thgen) Then it will be time to hang the work boots up and call it a day!

I'll be saying goodbye sometime between June 2014 and Oct of 2016.

You could always defect to the US and continue building Camaros. Why stop at the 5th Gen??
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