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Anyone know if the interior headroom with the sunroof option is diminished? I have a 4rth gen and will actually gain .5 inch in the 5th gen coupe with no sunroof. Yet I haven't heard any info on this. I know some people will think so what a half an inch one way or the other big deal. At just over 6 feet 6 inches I have to tilt the seat back slightly on my 4th gen with t-tops to have roughly an inch of spare space. I tried asking at the outoshow if there's anyway I could try sitting in the Red RS with sunroof and that was a no go. I even made sure I went to see it with less than an hour before closing just in case they took pity on me and let me try. BTW anyone have interior photos looking up or down thru the sunroof with it open or close I would love to see them. I've seen all the side ones and the one from the top at a distance but I'm looking for closeups. Thanks for the help.
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