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Originally Posted by rjacobs View Post
Claim on your own insurance and just let them deal with it. If the other driver is at fault(sounds like it is the case here as the other driver got ticketed) than your rates can not and will not go up. I have only been in one bad wreck where I needed insurance, it was not my fault, my insurance took care of everything and told me just how terrible the other persons insurance was and it was a good thing I claimed the way I did.
This is true and false. True is that your insurance will pay and it should not affect your rates. Dealing with your insurance is not easier if the other insurance company works with you. You should try them first. If they give you a hard time then go to yours. My wife has hit (in Tampa, FL too). I called our insurance and they would deal with it but the other drivers insurance had us in a rental and the car at a body shop that night with no out of pocket. You go through your insurance you will have to pay your deductible out of pocket and potentially other expenses. You will get reimbursed once your insurance company gets payed by the other insurance company but during that time your money will be tied up. (And it could take months for that to occur.)

Also do not hire an attorney unless they give you trouble. It makes things a mess and if they will deal with you fairly without one then you are better off going that route.

Good luck and again sorry about the car.
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