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Originally Posted by freelancer View Post
That is a retarded amount of money for 570 BHP. No CAM, No Heads. Ouch. But hey, you gotta pay to play I guess. Wait a year and you can do that in your garage for less than half.

Enjoy the ride.
Some people may want to install a supercharger themself but I do not want to do it and I sure can't do the injectors, fuel system, boost bypass, dyno and tune. Along with that, I can't give myself a 3yr, 36k mile warranty on the engine & S/C but Lingenfelter does. Plus they have a reputation and that was one of the biggest things for me. I probably could have waited a year and bought a used car and did the same thing but.... this is my car that no one else has driven and it is Lingenfelter from the start!!
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