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Originally Posted by Sheepdog View Post
Nice pic, nice color, what color was it originally? How are you getting away with no front plate? I am lucky enough to be in a state that doesn't require it.

It was BRM originally. most days it looked black, purple, dark cherry...
I loved the picture of the Berger Camaro in JSB, and that did it. I always loved the vette in that color, so I just let her shed her blue ray metallic skin, and put on something more sexier! hahaha
yeah, the front license plate....hummm.
here in Redlands Ca, most cops are so into looking at the color, they have never said anything about the far.
lots of cops here, and they always give me the 'thumbs up'.
one followered me into walmart parking lot, and over to little ceasars...I got out, he pulled in to block me in, and proceeded to start walking around the car and at first saying nothing....then he warmed up, and said how much he loved the color, and what mods had I done so far, etc...
at first I was cautious, so I downplayed everything....I did not start the car, ( 3" from cat back with X pipe, and flowmaters ) cause its kinda loud, and has a deep resonating, vibration sound. Plus with Teds tune, and the cnc vmax TB, its a beast now.
so far so good on the lic plate.
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