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I don't like Walmart. I don't like the stereotypically trashy people who shop there, the disturbingly mediocre managers who mismanage the place, or the worthless associates who are too lazy to find real jobs. The music is edited, and that makes me mad. There is a disturbing smell that engulfs that store. It remains on all products once they leave the store, infecting homes and whose owners become addicted to what the store claims to be the best available pricing when, in truth, Target and Nebraska Furniture Mart blow out Walmart's prices when they decide that matching those prices are insufficient. Besides the lack of competitive will, Walmart caps salaries as a means of feeding the ambition of thousands of associates only to squeeze them out when they can't get promoted above the managerial level. Those who suck up the best survive, regardless of their work ethic or professional behavior, leading one to deduce that the brownest nose climbs the ladder the highest. Obviously, district managers and corporate office workers have completely lost their senses of smell and taste in order to squeeze their heads between the massive cheeks of this corporate monstrosity.

The only redeeming feature of that craptastic store is that the parking lot is enormous, lending room to teach young drivers how to work a standard transmission, allow showoffs to do donuts, and park RVs for travelers.
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