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Originally Posted by Lyndita View Post
Bootzilla - since I'm a newbie here, could you please explain what you mean when you say "don't do all the work for the service department?" Have you had problems getting your Camaro or other Chevy serviced at a dealer? I plan on not doing any major mods yet because I don't want to void the warranty, but should I worry about the warranty service anyway? Thanks for your input!
Well, in my opinion, if you have a problem - then the dealer should be able to diagnose it. I hate doing all the foot work, making phone calls, and searching around on here. I've had problems, and I always get the "Well we're always the last to hear about anything for some reason."

When I have a problem, I often have to tell the service department what is wrong and what they need to do to fix it. Then they go looking on the computer saying "Well we haven't gotten any email bulletins about it, so come back when your engine light comes on."

Any little thing that is wrong with your car, make a list... go to the dealer, and make them fix it... if you find anything wrong with your car.

When I originally went into the dealer to order my Camaro, I brought more information with me than the dumbass salesman knew - or even had on his computer. Most of which I got from - duh.

I love my car, but my whole experience - being a first-time new car buyer - sucked.
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