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Originally Posted by stovt001 View Post
Why is turning DLRs off such a big deal? I can see not seeing benefit in them, but what is the harm?...
i'm semi-okay with DRLs, it's just the auto headlights i don't like

Originally Posted by SScattergunSS View Post
I like being in control of everything, and hate when stuff is automatically done for me. Besides, I may want to sneak around, (why I don't know...but I may still want to) and you can't do that very well with a pair of fog lights glaring away!

Some of the guys feel confident there is a way to turn them off...I hope they're right.
same here

Originally Posted by Speedy1975 View Post
For me it was mainly when camping. I wanted to go get firewood or go for an early hike, come in after dark, whatever and ended up spot lighting everyone in the camp ground with my DRLs.
my current DRLs ain't that bright (i've got colored bulbs), but in the Camaro, it could be an issue like that. there's times when it's a pain for everybody else when you have your lights on & can't turn them off, like at drive-in movies, car shows, or coming home late & lighting up everybody's rooms. the deal with the auto system on my truck is that it was over-sensitive & my tint didn't help. it would activate sometimes just because the sun was behind me. problem fixed & hope i don't have to do the same on my brand-new car.

Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
DRLs are a safety issue, more than anything - plus, I don't want to risk getting in an accident and the insurance company denying my claim because my DRLS were bypassed.
- Xanthos
i'm responsible enough to turn on my lights when the need arises, but i prefer to have the ability to consciously decide when to use them. before my mod, the only reason a switch was even there was for when the truck was off
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