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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
This is what happens when I don't read the board for days and miss something.....I digress, back in 2000 I went to the airshow at Lakehurst NAS. As my family and I walked onto the tarmac I noticed a flight of two aircraft approaching. They were B1-B Lancers, and as they flew overhead in tandem they banked, with the variable geometry wings swinging in unison. They made a 180 turn and passed overhead and left the airspace, ...pooof...gone....priceless....I'll never forget that. It was the most graceful display of aerial military might I ever observed.
They are a incredible piece of machinery!

We would sit at the edge of the runway during the middle of the night and watch them take off, the power was just amazing! You could literally feel your insides shake when they were throttling up

The video doesnt really do it justice but you get the idea...

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