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Question for seasoned stick shift drivers

Hey guys,

As of 6/11/09, I became the proud owner of a 2SS/RS IBM Camaro w/ Sunroof and Manual Transmission.

It is my first stick shift car, and I've come a long way in terms of driving it between the 11th and now. I had to have a friend drive it home for me

But I have a few questions that I would appreciate if anyone can answer. It's basically do's and don'ts, more or less...I want to avoid "hurting" my baby as much as I can.

1. As you could probably guess, steep hills are a toughy for a new stick driver (me, anyways). And idiots where I live get right on my ass when I'm on a hill at a stop light or something. So what I have to do so I won't roll and hit the idiot behind me is keep the break depressed and let off the clutch until it hits that "sweet spot" and starts to roll forward without giving it any gas. Is this considered "riding it", and how bad is it for the car? Also, backing up I have been inclined to do this to, since if I give it gas a let off the clutch I will probably go launching into a tree or something ... is this normal?

2. When at a light, do you recommend keeping the clutch depressed or putting it in neutral and letting off the clutch?

Thanks in advance
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