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Originally Posted by Lethal Z View Post
Are you high?!? Do you really think it will have a higher MSRP than a ZL1?

Try $52,995.
Well, maybe I am. I guess we will see when the pricing is introduced.

Keep in mind, the ZL1 is still available so this car will not be priced in that range. There are also a lot of Z28 specific items on this car. Body components, wheels, tires, engine, glass, suspension, etc. It's not like the 1LE which has a lot of parts borrowed from other models. Even the ZL1 shares a lot of parts with other Camaros.

I think the reason this car still has a back seat and the reason it's being offered without HIDs, fog lights, speakers and mylink is because it's going to be Stingray expensive but it won't have all of the amenities that car will have.
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