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Originally Posted by Bumleb View Post
I'm farely new at this website. I am enjoying all the info. I didn't realize the vin would explain so much. 2G1FK1EJ9A9103025. What's in the Vin anyway? I do know that it was built on 4/3/09 at 9:54am.

I do apologize for being vauge in some senses. I am extremely frazzled. To have something of such magnitude and then have it ripped out of my hands. Sad to say the least.
Please dont let the few on here represent the majority. Some people tend to think that the Camaro does no wrong and if anybody sais something that they dont agree with then the person is a "troll". I'm sorry to hear about your car and I'm sure it will be fixed soon. There is nothing worse then having something brand new break down so soon. Oh, and the Mustang guys will have a field day with the pic of your car on the rollback!
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