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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
That sound's pretty high for a no option 1SS.

What is the sticker on it? When I was looking at 2011s, a no option 1SS stickered at $31,695. I find it hard to believe that sticker price increased 2 grand from one model year to the next. And even if $33,500 was sticker, you'd have to be a fool to pay sticker for even a 2013, even worse for a 2012, as the 2013's have been out for many months now.

EDIT: Screenshot from's build your vehicle site. Sticker on a 2012 1SS no options (car as you indicated) is $33,180 (and yes, I'm a bit shocked how much the went up from 2011). $32,680 with rebate. Given its a leftover 2012, I think you need to aim lower than $32K.
The sales manager actually said sticker was around 35,000 and made it sound like invoice was around 33,000. But I'm going to be going in when I make the deal and pushing for as low as I can. I originally wanted a 2SS but they were saying I wouldn't be able to get down to the 35,000 out the door I wanted so I decided to go with the 1SS to fit my budget.
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