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Originally Posted by onebad1le View Post
I might,Need a new clutch because they are so sticky. They bog
My car when launching , was launching up too 3500 rpm and
Still bogging the car.I might need more power!
Nice run, get that 2.1 to 1.9 and you have a nice 12.4 pass.

That clutch should be just fine as long as you don't slip it too long and build up too much heat or glaze it.

If the car is bogging you need to launch at a higher RPM otherwise the sticky tires are counterproductive. The correct RPM to launch a car with radials is the one where you launch hard, the tires don't blaze (light spin is fine) and the RPMs do not drop from where you initially launched. It should pull hard out of the gate.

All cars are different, but as an example I would launch an AWD street car at 5500RPM just to get a light spin and go. (Ran 1.5 60fts) anything lower and it would bog and run at least .2-.3 tenths slower.
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