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At the same time my wheels were being shipped ARD was busy working on making this car a beast. Here's everything they put in last week.

Whipple Supercharger
Comp VVT Cam - Duration: 224/236 - Lift: 500/500 - LSA: 116
Hendrix Engineering 1400HP Axles
BMR Toe Rods
BMR Trailing Arms
BMR Sub Frame Connectors
BMR Driveshaft Tunnel Brace
BMR Driveshaft Safety Loop

The initial dyno made 576rwhp and 497lbs of torque on the stock pulley. I'm going back to see where the boost ended up with the cam and order a smaller pulley to bring it back up. Here's the thread with all the details.

Here's the initial dyno and some pics.

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