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Originally Posted by The BIRDman View Post
okay, well thanks CamaroSpike23 for being a dick and im sorry i gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you could actually interpret what i was actually saying because you know damn well that if gm announced the camaro's specs to 435hp and 428trq, you'd be happy instead of saying "aw im not going to notice a change". performance is performance and if i have have to pay to loose performance. and thats the only reason im asking about the manual trans.
lol. when you look at it as paying to lose performance, you've already started on the wrong foot.

you said you had never driven stick before. yes....?
you said the specs are so much better for the m6 to the A6. yes....?

I asked you what specs you considered so much better. and you come back with personal attacks.

if millions (if not billions) of people around the world can drive a stick, im sure you could manage. you will kill it, you will burn the clutch from time to time, thats part of the learning process. its not difficult to drive stick. just takes some people longer than others to learn.

the fact that you have never driven a manual in your life before is pretty much going to negate your chances of seeing the 1/4 times or 0-60 times that have been shown that this car can do.
and thats not an attack at you, its the truth. if you want the manual, get it, if you dont think you will be able to drive it (comfortably in your own right), get the auto.

and if you feel like it, you can settle down and answer a few questions of mine.

how many cars have you driven with over 400 hp? how many times have you gone sub 12 sec 1/4 mile? how often will you be taking your car to the track? will this car be your dd?
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