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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
cmoney2007, I'm glad we're not the only two crazies on the forums for liking that color combo. There's only one or two people who have an IBM car with any sort of CGM stripes so far. As for the color combo you are talking about. I'm pretty sure that's what I plan on getting for my finished product.

Just a word about the swap you're talking about. Be careful that you upgrade everything accordingly. It's actually cheaper to just save up and start with the SS. Someone made a post called v6 to v8 swap where they asked how easy it would be to upgrade, and there's MUCH more to it than just engine/trans/brakes/ECM. You would need to drop in a whole new rear diff, etc. etc. It wouldn't be pretty.

The hockey sticks on the hennessey rendering do look cool, but the blue they use isn't IBM. It's a lighter blue that really catches the light. I'd venture to say it's wave blue, or ABM instead of IBM.
That's the color combo I had decided on when I saw synergy green a while back.
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