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Modifying tail-lights?

So, I know this is a little out there, but bear with me.

I have an '88 IROC-Z convertible that my dad and I purchased new when I was five (do the math, lol!). When I was about 18, we started restoring it and put new paint, new top, I detailed the interior, etc. The car was probably an 8.5 out of 10, and I loved it. Then a 16 y/o kid took a left over my hood when I was going straight through a green...

Fast forward, I used the money to buy a tiny commuter car and pay off my student loans. I've since sold the commuter and bought a practical daily driver, along with a condo and the IROC is getting moved to my new garage (from the parents' house) in a few weeks. I'm going to slowly start a frame-off resto, engine/trans rebuild (matching #s, etc). I know a lot of people may say it's a waste to spend so much on an IROC, but it's the sentimental value.

Anyway, more to my point... I want to do the tail-lights a little different to give the car a cleaner look, and I was curious if anyone has any experience messing with the lenses? I'd ideally like to go to an all red/white setup instead of the red/amber/white that's currently on the car. Pardon my small pic and crude photoshop, but something like this:

Does anyone know how the color is affixed to the lens, how hard it would be to do, etc? The car is otherwise mostly stock except for removed IROC decals and pinstriping... so all it has is the small IROC decal on the rear PS bumper and on the rockers, and obviously IROC wheels and TPI hood

Thanks a ton for your input!
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