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Originally Posted by thePill View Post

"Z" has been a symbol of performance whether it be straight line or handling since the beginning of GM performance. ZR1, Z06, ZL1 and Z28 are the most popular but using the "Z" incorporated into the name met just a little more. the IROC-Z proved to be more popular upon release in 1985 and eventually led to the Z28 being discontinued in 1988. I'm not saying bring back the IROC-Z, I am saying that for this HP edition, top of the line SS.. merely incorporate the "Z" designator and apply it to the SS name.

This car will in fact be a severely upgraded SS and in my opinion, the real Z28 wouldn't need F55 MRC, Forced Induction or weight well over 4000lbs (Which is why GM may withhold the name plate). Give the Z/28 the Z06 treatment, the Z51 option, drop 200lbs, in fact... If you want to know what a new Z/28 should look like, google "2010 Sunoco Camaro" and there you have it... the old Z/28 looked just like the other Camaros but it was the rest of the car that made it different.

This said "SS/Z" wouldn't automatically play second fiddle to a lower costing Z/28, The Boss can't run down a GT500 in the quarter, the GT500 has every available option any owner could ever want. That doesn't mean the Z/28 would be the lesser car either, both cars would draw completely different crowds. The SS/Z would take its place among the other SS lineup, the 1SS, 2SS, SSX (Z/28) and the SS/Z and would actually bridge the gap in both performance and the name plates together from the SS>Z28>SSZ.. best of both worlds, Super Sport power, Z28 handling, Halo car Sport coupe luxury all packaged in a 4200lbs, $55,000 dollar, limited edition run...

If you want everything, get the SS/Z, if you are a serious road racer, get the Z/28.. You want to mod for drag racing, get the 1SS/2SS.. Don't want a V8, get the LTs or get the RS (V6 performance pack like Ford has with some SS/Z28 suspension) and you have a full lineup covering almost every aspect that a consumer would hope for...

I vote we eliminate the "which is better, SS or Z/28" argument. Having a top dog that wears both the badges would tell consumers that it is everything they ever wanted in the Camaro as a whole but the Z/28 will still be reserved for the hard core, out of the box race car crowd that it was in the beginning and the SS will continue to dominate sales with a lower MSRP, comfort, options, power and provide a great base for the after market... In the end, who wins?
So the Z28 will sorta then be offered like the old 1LE you think?
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