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Originally Posted by Quick View Post

This is what has me confused...with my simple mods my car runs 12.40's
with 1.8 60' times on stock p-zeros.
I am guessing your Dyno numbers are relatively low and your car would put out more power on a different Dyno. The mods you have listed should put you over 400whp on"most" Dyno.

Since we don't race Dyno it neither here nor there. What did your car run bone stock? If you look at the stock V8 6spd list I would have fallen in 15th spot overall. With the extra shift am happy with how it stacks up.

I most likely will tru to run it once more at a better track (Milan) and compare numbers. My car will be dynoed on next Thursday on an MD (mustang) chassis Dyno so we can compare those numbers too.

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