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Why won't it go in reverse? - 2011 SS 6-speed

My 2011 Camaro SS worked perfectly one day and then the next engine light comes on and my 6-speed won't go into reverse without A LOT of pressure to push it into gear. It's definitely not right.

After some research, it seemed like maybe the reverse lockout solenoid is bad? But, I have the same issue whether the car is on or off. If I have the same issue whether the car is running or not, it seems that this wouldn't be an electrical issue, would it?

Is it possible some type of spring is broken or something that's preventing the shifter from going into reverse easily?

There is no gear grinding. The clutch works fine. All the other gears work fine.

I checked a few fuses in the motor fuse bay. It seemed to be that fuses #2 and #19 were related to the transmission and those are fine.

Onstar gave me these error issues and codes:
Fuel system control module p2534

Air induction system p0102

Fuel management system p069e

Transmission system p0801, p080c

Any thoughts on what this could be?
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