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EFILive vs HP Tuners....let's get ready to rumble

I know it's been debated endlessly, but I was to know the best choice for a new SS camaro and why?

From my research, I seem to like EFILive better for two reasons:

1. The ease of manipulating the unusual VE table (constants)
2. Downloadable trial. I have never seen HPTuners, so I don't know much about it. Why they don't offer a demo like EFILive, I don't know.

HPtuners wins on cost and seems to be the most common (not necessarily for new Camaros). Manipulating the VE tables in HPTuners seems tobe a bit more involved than EFILive from what I've read (I havent tried it...may be just as easy).

I'm not sure which licensing I like better as far as VINs or the model year credits.

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