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Originally Posted by Danthaman View Post
Reason I did post that i beat 5.0 was because the guy was running his mouth and I shut him up. Neither of our times were good in 1/4 but its still a win. That and I want him to see my post on here just to rub it it. Yes Hallsville has been shut down for years to bad its a neighborhood with speed bumps now. We raced at Dallas raceway. When you run your mouth you gotta back it up. I did he didn't. I do get beat like everyone else. 6.2 vs 5.0 is driver mod no doubt. It always is really.
To hell with everyone who thinks you got lucky getting the win over the yote. You won and a win is a win. If everyone here worships the yote/stang so much the you should have bought one rather than that old tech, fat, slow 5th gen. Sheesh!
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