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Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Car looks amazing man love the halos and stripes , as for the lambo doors they look great ,one question are they easy to use and do they have good access ? Some say they they need to be aligned on regular bassis or get f#%!d up after a while ,is this true? And which kit did u use?
Thanks man! Yes the lambo doors are real easy to use after you get used to them. They were a little tough to pull down sitting in the car at first but it gets easier as the shocks break in. I'm used to it now so I dont even think about it anymore. Using them has become second nature. I have the kit from Vertical Doors Inc. They are only about an hour away from me so I drove up there and had them do the install. I've gone vertical with the doors everytime i've gotten in my car since I had them installed and they are still in perfect alignment. I know from people that ive talked to that the "other" vertical door kits are full of problems such as alignment issues. The hinges from VDI are really strong and thick. You would really have to put some extreme force on the doors to tweak the hinges. If you like the vertical door look I would definitely recommend them to you. I wasn't quite sure I was going to be happy with them but after they were installed im so glad i went through with it. They are definitely an attention getter. Oh yes, and to answer your other question, yes the vertical doors give you TONS more room to get in and out of the car. Being a big guy (6'5" 300lbs) that is one of the main reasons they interested me. If someone parks close to you its alot easier to just go vertical and get in instead of trying to keep the door from hitting the other car.
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