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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
Shno's house slipped off page one, can't let that happen, hey guys...what's new in the neighborhood?....
A lot of active topics in the ZL1 section these days. Just warming up I'm sure as the lucky ones prep for ownership.

Clean the garage in preparation for the car.
Search the internet for ZL1 wearables.
Go on Camaro5 and ask what your first mod should be.
Go downstairs and count the Camaro diecasts in your man cave (or women's den
Realize you don't have a ZL1 diecast so go back on line and look for a hotwheels ZL1
While on line see if there are any new wearables since you last checked
Go on Camaro5 and complain that Blue WAS your favorite color
Go and inspect your garage to see if it remains clean enough.
Do a complete inventory of your car cleaning products and realize you are low on pre cleaner that you need prior to the pre wash which you need in order to wash the car prior to thinking about the first wax job 3 months later when the paint has "officially" cured.
Go online to look for your favorite pre cleaner
Double check on new ZL1 wearables
Go to Camaro5 and see who has claimed they have seen a ZL1 on the road and post, "It didn't happen without pics"
Go to the Chevy site to see if your order number has changed status
Double check the status
Go to Camaro5 and ask if anyone elses order status changed
Realize it's 3:00 am and you have to get up and to work in 2 hours in order to pay for the ZL1
Go to sleep with the last thought being, "I'm so glad I bought a ZL1 pillow case............................."

Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post

Sorry, I just can't let it go...
Can't let what go?
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