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Originally Posted by camaro_RS View Post
This is what you get when you live in a vacation destination....some jackwagons put red velvet cake all over the back of my car and then someone tried to wipe it off. I found it spread like this the next morning. I really wished whoever tried to wipe it off hadn't because they were just making it worse by rubbing it in the clear coat/paint. There was even some on the side of my fiance's Rogue which was parked next to mine but clearly it was all meant for my car. We weren't even next to other cars. Last year somebody poured beer all over the front of the car. It's a shame when people can't mind their own business and property and they feel they have to ruin someone else's for fun.

It's kind of hard to tell how bad it was from the pics....but it was pretty bad.
Mary jane's transformation is looking good When i parked beside you in Destin for our photoshoot i was like thats a bada$$ V6 But i feel your pain about the vandalism... i had a douchebag open their door on my baby awhile back at a hooters But if i were you i would try claying it then break out my Adams orange pad and haze and swirl remover followed by the fine machine polish (white pad) If you ever see that jerk come back be sure to open up some on him
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