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Well I finally got around to doing some badge changes. I removed the stock SS, the Hurst Equiped, and rear bowtie on the trunk. I installed the SLP 3 piece blackout instead of the magnetic on then installed a new style SS in place of the bowtie. I think it cleans the back end up and looks great!

A little story. So I had the car all cleaned up and headed to the park for some pics in the fading evening sun! All was well except when I got into the park they had just layed down new stone over the pavement. I drove nice and slow but when I started taking pics in the sun I noticed a layer of white dust all over the car! Of course I didn't bring my Cali duster so I made do with a microfiber cloth, which just kinda moved the dust around.

Then, some deuschbag pulls his car into the shelter I was at right in view of my camera shots, got out of his car, unloaded the dog and hurried into the trail! Thanks a lot! So I move to a different spot only to discover muck on the wheels which I had to clean! I finally got some shots just before the sun started to fade behind the trees. What a pain but here's a few pics!

The first pic is the back end before and the rest are after!
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