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Originally Posted by theholycow View Post
IROCZJEFF, you make a great point about the reality of a free market, and normally it wouldn't seem so bad...but in this case, we're talking about the possible success or failure of our (by "our" I mean nearly everybody on this forum) favorite car, and GM as a whole, which is very important to many of us here too. I want to see GM continue to succeed (despite all the media talk of failure), and would hate to see individual dealers reduce the chances of that by being greedy.
Another important point is that there's some wacky thing GM does called "Allocation" and they have some magical pixy dust formula that determines that the big wheel dealers get to purchase more of a particular car for their local customers while small-town friendly dealer with no markup gets less cars "allocated", so even though you may WANT to go to the nice dealer, he may not HAVE any of the model you want and if you place an order with him for one you have to WAIT until they get an "allocation", which could be a LONG time if the model is popular.

I ordered a 1994 Z28 on president's day (mid february) in upstate NY and didn't get an allocation until a few days before they ceased production on 1994's (end of august?) The dealer was nice enough to pull some strings and get them to switch it to a 1995 model and I got it in September of 1994.
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