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No Luck re: pictures

Well, last Thusday, I decided to drive to Oshawa to see if I could get some pictures of different colours of Camaro.

I drove to the head office but no cars on display. I talked to a lady at reception and she said her son had one for a couple weeks over Christmas holidays. She said to they don't give tours at the plant anymore but maybe if I ventured over to the engineering centre, I might see one.
Next stop GM regional engineering centre. Security guard said no camaro here. The yard had one camouflaged SUV but no Camaro.

My next stop was the metal shop but I couldn't get past security gates. A couple workers told me another spot where I might see one. I went into Gate 5 but security said no plant tours. Nothing outside either.

Where are all the pre-production Camaro's?

Sorry, but I tried.
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