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Originally Posted by JB22 View Post
honestly im not a fan of black wheels, but with the black trim on the bottom of the car, I think the black wheels really compliment it big time.
You're right, it ties in very well with the rest of the car. And if you love the SSX wheels like me, it's a match made in heaven.

Originally Posted by Hurst equipped View Post
i'm with you shurenuff. those are freakin awsome. much better than bling bling flashy wheels..
ssx wheels would be my option. instead of the originals.

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I wanna say I read somewhere there will be optional finishes...the ZL1 show car sports what would be "polished"....
I haven't seen that mentioned, but that's very encouraging. I'd really like to see what the ZL1 wheel would look like in other finishes.
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