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Originally Posted by C586 View Post
I agree with the guy above. If you blow your car up and lie to the dealer about it and it gets covered you cost everyone else money. GM doesnt fix them for free. They raise the price of their product up in order to compensate for warranty work. In the long run it costs everyone more. Just like stealing. If a store gets robbed they will increase prices in order to compensate for the loss. Your stealing free parts from your dealer by blowing your car up and getting it covered. Do I personally care. Not really because this is the last GM I will be purchasing. Also the last brand new car I will every be buying. Im just saying its stealing.
I think what the OP means is he takes his car in for ANY kind of warranty work and the dealership sees the N20 kit and they threaten to void his entire warranty. See his post about the K&N filter... He not asking how to cover his tracks if he blows his motor... he just doesn't want to get hassled when he takes his car in for some completely unrelated problem...
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