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Factory cats with headers

Go ahead and tell me that this topic has been talked about before... Im Sure it has. But here it goes anyway.
I have ordered a set of kooks longtube headers. I was hoping to bolt them right up , do some burnouts and drive away. Now I have ran into a question. Do I have to go buy high flow cats?? Or can I use my factory cats?? I understand that high flow cats will give me more power... But .. I just dropped a lot of cash for these headers and really don't want to drop another 500-600 for high flow cats. I'm thinking that if i do use my factory cats , it probably will not void any warranty either. I know that if I cut out my cats completely , I will get the maximum power but will defiantly lose warranty . I have only 20k miles on the car... Really don't want to void any warranty just quite yet.
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