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Originally Posted by Mercuryman View Post
Went for a few lap ride in a Porsche Cup car with a squential tranny, very noisy tranny. But sure hauled a$$.

Big FAST go-cart ride? Flame me, but I love the Porche 911's yeah I know, I just do it to poke uppity Porsche owners
Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
MrCamaro posted one a while back that had a 27,000 price tag... uhhh, no...

Lenko actually builds a street version rated for 1200 + hp, and it's supposed to be somewhat affordable compared to their premier race lines... It would be fun... for a while...

I'm still going to try to get my current tranny working right before going off the deep end...
Well if I recall, you were gonna sell a high dollar Harley to help finance your new addiction, did you keep the bike? Don't kid yourself, you know it would be fun, but yeah, rich mans toy.

Quaife Heavy Duty Sequential Gearbox Straight Gears Dodge Viper 6spd RWD 92-02

Model: QBE33G-S Price: $12,309.32

Deals come around every so often, found an old 4+3 GM Racing sequential box for $2500... No I didn't and yes I'm kicking myself.
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