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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
First thoughts... all my opinions with no factual basis of course...
1) Those who have the Z28 pegged at $60-65k plus need to get their heads examined. LSA vs LS7 crate motors for comparison are less than $1k apart. Take away all the amenities like HIDs, BA stereos, shit, A/C, carpeting, pass-through seating... and the Z28 should be less than a ZL1- considerably less- like $5-7k less. This car will come in at just above $50k; smack in the middle of a 1LE and a ZL1. Again, my OPINION only.

I think you're missing the fact that the LS7 is going to be limited in production numbers, Carbon brakes alone are going to be much more expensive , add the Recaro's that the ZL1 doesn't have, the tires are at least double the cost of the ZL1 tires, so this is going to be at least $ in denial, but GM will charge more for less amenities...

Agree. These are the kinds of cars I live for. I hope the Boss and this more hardcore Z/28 start a wider trend. Never could afford the 911 trackday specials.

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