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A couple of my friends also had duplicate numbers & I had to go to the tower to get my info corrected. There also seems to have also been some errors in qualifying times as listed. I think a lot of errors were due to hurrying with tech-in & general hurrying in the lanes & in other areas. Also what is the point of so many qualifying runs if eliminations are going to be decided by luck of the draw instead of fastest time running slowest, second fastest running second slowest, etc. I barely made it for one of the elimination runs along with another V6 buddy who was waiting for the call with me right under a speaker. We came the first time we heard the call but I suspect we may have missed one call somehow. They had already run everyone but us 2 when we arrived in the lanes. That would have been a very short time to wait for folks to arrive given the size of the venue and the difficulty hearing announcements.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event except for the heat, but there is always room for improvement.
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