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For anyone who is willing to DYI the door speakers: Word of advice is get speaker mounting adapters!! Because the standard 6 1/2" is too small by about 1/2" aprox. so you need an adapter to fill that gap. Or if there's a 6 3/4 that might work but in my case since I spent 2+ hours trying to figure how I'm going to get around this problem. I hate starting something then finding out I cant finish it other than looking to find some extra parts that may not even be avalible! I took the grill that came w/ the kicker spkrs and drilled holes lining up to the spkrs behind the door panel where the spkers face out. Then screwd the screws thru the face side of grilled panel w/ spkrs in place on the panel using screw fastners to hold the spkrs then popped the door panel back on the door! the only problem with this is you have to make sure you line up centerd on the spkr grill then use the spker grill covers that came with the new spkrs so you can cover the screws that show otherwise paint the screws black. Just an option if You like to DYI!! sorry for the long of it!
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