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Originally Posted by Restroom View Post
I drove a GXP and it was almost an insulting experience. Everything to do with driving is vague; the steering meanders, the pedals are in a different timezone than the rest of the car, and the brakes only decide to bite at a certain and unnervingly long depth of pedal travel. It gets up to speed without getting excited about it, there's no violence, no sound, and the tranny just doesn't seem to care for being abused on a hard launch. The car felt ten years old off the showroom floor. The radio is perhaps an afterthought, mounted in such a way as to perpetually catch any light source and require its own sunshade even on an overcast afternoon. Climate control has a mind of its own and the window actuators are right where your hand comes down while you're wondering where the cupholders are. I never found the door locks. A great vista of blobby plastic rises majestically over the part of the dash where you used to take note of where your hood was. The wheel telescopes, amazingly, but already sits on so long a stalk as to require you to assume a bobsled-like pose if you're under 6'5. It has something like 145 air/ballastbags to accentuate the billet-iron doors and seat bolsters, an effort to meet Pontiac's ever-estimable weight requirement. The salesman offered to fill the tires with radon. It costs a great deal more than it should, then gets slapped with a gas tax, while looking and feeling no more fun than a trip to the proctologist.
This is interesting considering the GXP has seen more praise from the media than the Camaro has recieved.
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