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Originally Posted by 1982camaro View Post
sorry, it's just that in my area all i see is immature teenagers in cobalt SS's. By immature i mean reving their engine for no reason, doing peel-outs, and thinking they are world class drivers when they just barely got their license.
LOL you mean like the Muscle Car owners doing burn outs and such ? If you don't occasionally make an offering to the god of rubber, then the god of rubber will force you to drive a Prius. (BTW, I'm 40 and have a Cobalt SS- good performance, crazy handling, 26.7 combined city/freeway for the last 2 tanks with erratic driving thrown in. What's not to love ).

But I don't understand why this would surprise people. .1 seconds is margin of error difference and it's basically the same car for all intents and purposes. The weight difference is only about 100 lbs vs the SS auto.
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