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Sitting in a ZL1 at the NY Auto Show!

First off, I have to thank fbodfather for making this possible. With out the help of him and his team, this wouldn't have happened overnight! Ok, so if you don't know, GM has a 2012 ZL1 on display at the NYC International Auto Show. I try to make it every year and usually spend the most time looking at the Camaro's and all the other great GM products. I got to see the ZL1 last year, it was on the rotating platform. I also saw it at BBOMG in Oshawa last year as well but haven't sat in one. So Scott made that possible today and I got to get me some Ultra-grin. I know some of you have your cars and are like "well that no big deal" but mine will not be built till june so this was a big deal to me. The car is barricaded at the show and they don't just let anyone sit in it. It truly made my day!

Scott, I owe you a tall one..

Check out my sons shirt in the last picture, much ultra-grin in his future..
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