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Arrow Xavier02832's Torq built RTC-750 Thread [COTW 7/16/12]

What's up guys! So I finally got around to putting together a proper build thread of my Camaro and wanted to share it! It has been a long process to get her exactly where I wanted her but I am totally happy with the end results. Not saying that more won't come, but she is pretty awesome as she sits today

I knew when I bought her that I wanted a crazy Camaro that had both looks AND power to back it up, yet still something I could drive on a daily basis if needed and not worrying about how she drove or anything. I was lucky to get hooked up with the guys over at Torq here in South Florida, and with their help they have turned my stock Camaro into a 750hp beast!

I told the guys that I wanted to do more then just drag racing, and Erik@Torq is a crazy road racer so he made sure to get me into the right parts so I could do some auto-x, road course but still be able to head down the 1/4 mile and set some decent times and then drive home after as well lol. This is my first muscle car period so I knew I had a lot to learn on all those areas so I have been hitting the 1/4 mile (just under 10 passes I think by now), done a few Auto-x's and a couple track days as well and she performs better then I ever wished for! Before we did the mods I had her on the dyno at their dyno day to see what she was making.

Anyways, here is a list of my current mods:


  • Whipple 2.9L @ 8.5psi
  • Roto-Fab Whipple CAI
  • Kooks 1-7/8" Headers with cats
  • Torq Custom Grind Camshaft
  • Complete valvetrain upgrade (springs, locks, retainers etc)
  • LPE Dual Pump Upgrade
  • ZR1-R Twin Disc Clutch
  • MBRP 3" Cat-back
  • LPW IRS Ultra Differential Cover
  • DSS 1400hp Axles
  • LPE 3.70 gears

Some photos of the power mods! These look awesome, I could hang them up on my wall they look so good

Whipple 2.9L Supercharger

Kooks Headers

Fuel Pump install, it was crazy seeing the tank out like that

Sweet photo of the valvetrain parts, I don't know what everything is in this photo but I know they work!

On the lift!

The car made 655rwhp and 535rwtq on Torq's Mustang dyno, awesome numbers!

Here is a video that they put together of the build, she sounds awesome IRL

After all the power parts were done Erik gave me some suggestions on what suspension parts I should be looking at. I wanted a sweet stance knowing that I would be eventually getting a nice set of wheels, but I didn't want to compromise performance. I actually won a set of Pfadt Racing end links at Torq's dyno day last year so I already had something to start with

Suspension mods:

  • Pfadt Racing Sport Sway Bars
  • Pfadt Racing Endlinks
  • Pfadt Racing Trailing Arms
  • Pfadt Racing Rear Toe-Rods
  • Pfadt Differential Bushings
  • Pfadt Solid Rear Sub Bushings

Gettin' suspension stuff done at the shop!

After I FINALLY settled on a set of wheels, I couldn't have my stock brakes under them. I felt they deserved a lot better so I had my brake calipers painted, and at the same time did their Stage 2 brake upgrade. After having the pedal going to the floor on track I knew that this was a VERY important upgrade!

Brake parts!

  • Brembo Slotted Rotors
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Motul RBF-600 Brake Fluid

And a few days later, the guys sent me this photo! It was like Christmas all over! they gave me an awesome deal on these Forgeline's, and seeing that they were running them on their own shop car I knew they were just was I was looking for.

Forgeline SO3P's in 20x11 and 20x9.5", satin black centers and gloss black lip, hidden hardware and the custom center caps. I LOVE these wheels, they totally transformed my ride! I also put on some proper rubber at the same time, Nitto Invo's in 315's and 275's.

Some of the final touches I did recently were the MGW Short Throw Shifter with orange stripes on the ball to match the car, a LS9-R upgraded twin disc clutch and Driveshaft Shops 1400hp Axles. I wanted to make sure everything was built pretty stout for when I eventually get some real tires and head out to the drag strip! I am a beginner at the drag strip but I managed to run an 11.87 @ 128mph so far on stock tires, hoping for much better times once I get some drag radials


I am loving the way she sits!

As I mentioned before I have been doing some road racing and Auto-x events, here are a few shots from the past few events!

I still have a few more things I want to do before she is done, these are just a few parts currently waiting to be installed

  • Six Piston Big Brembo Brake kit
  • Pfadt Coilovers
I will post photos once they happen! Thanks for reading

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