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Post Z/28 replica project

Hello everyone! My name is Migy and im from northern california. My father has restored a 1969 Z/28 camaro in his image and has now passed it down to me. Since i grew up around that car i have become a camaro fanatic, more so than others. About 4 months ago i was able to sell a 2002 stage 2 Roush mustang (yes i know.. its a ford... lol) and have enough money for a down payment on my new 2013 Camaro 2SS/RS M6.
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Here are my cars, with the third photo being both of my babys in the garage. My plan is to paint the same stripes on the '13 as they are on the '69 along with the Z/28 Badges. So far the only modifications i have done to the '13 is paint matched the rear deffusior and tinted all 5 windows excluding the windshield of course. Here are the photos of the Tint, before and after
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i Have PLENTY of additions that will be done to Renee (the '13's name) and ill probably start a seperate thread for the '69 camaro that is still nameless. Thanks for spending some time on reading my post!

P.S. Here is a little prayer for all us gearheads and car lovers
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