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Originally Posted by [KRPT]ECP View Post
not to get anyone's hopes up, but there's an inconsistency on the rear driver's side above the wheels that's circular, there's no rectangular inconsistency on either side of the car...
i noticed that too...was gonna post something bout it but you beat me to it! i think we are gonna find that GM is stringing us along and either a) the gas cap hasnt moved and its all a ha-ha joe, or b - they put it someplace that'll be cooler than the original location.

we'll have to wait and see.

edit: the problem with that is that i went and looked at the jalopnik pics on their site, and from the looks of it - that little incongruity is actually snow or cloud reflection in the nice black paint. STILL - i cant find a trace of a gas filler door on the car - even with a low res cam you should STILL see a gas filler door (trust me...i have a black car - taken pics with low res cam, can still see gas filler door...icky.) somewhere on th ecar and i cant make it out.

im thinkin they hid it behind the license plate ala 3rd gen...or something like that. (keep the lines clean)
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