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Originally Posted by Ladykiller View Post
So I bought a 2013 ZL1 w/o navigation because I did not think it was worth an $795 upgrade. Now that I got my car, I just can't find a happy spot for my Garmin GPS navigation and I don't care for using the navigation on my phone either. So now I am wishing I had bought the navigation option ..... doh.

So is there any way to upgrade from my current Chevrolet MyLink™1 with 7" diagonal color touch screen to the Chevrolet MyLink™1 with navigation? If so, how much will this cost? And how easy/hard is it to do?
I looked into adding the NAV in my car after I got it because it was on constraint. The NAV is factory install only and not worth tying to convert. I have all the part numbers but you would have to have it all reprogrammed and parts cost are high plus the install is very costly. I waited and got the NAV.
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