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ZL1 Front Conversion with HID fogs.. PICS

Hey all, haven't been on here in quite some time, and haven't been posting my mods as I go! (Shame on me..)

I got my ZL1 front end conversion done a few months back, And I absolutely LOVE it! It ties in the Carbon wrapped MPD1 spoiler I have so well, in my opinion anyways. Also the roof, taillight bezels and many accents are covered in carbon vinyl. As well as a Carbon Fiber wrapped "Dark Night" batman emblem in place of the rear bowtie (It's constantly referenced to as the bat mobile because of the colors, so I figured why the hell not?)

The hood is an RK Sport ZR1 style Carbon fiber hood, Its a very high quality and expensive piece, and It gets a lot of attention. I have a lot of respect for both tuner and muscle cars, Ive owned many of each and am going with a hard hitting muscle car with some tuner attitude as well. Hence the reason for my choice on HID color for the fogs.

After doing a lot of reading about HID conversions for the ZL1 fog lights, I found there was a LOT of confusion and debate about these lenses not being able to handle the heat. I went ahead and bought a kit from DDM tuning for 45 bucks shipped. They are 3000k 35watt HIDs. (I love this company, they are chinese kits, but they have a lifetime warranty on both the bulbs and ballasts. I have bought, literally, 14 kits from them for all of my cars throughout the years and have yet to have a problem with them.) The ZL1 fogs are a glass projector with a metal housing. After running them for 30 minutes, the projector is WARM to the touch. You can stick your hand on it and it will not even phase you. So to those looking to do an HID upgrade, these fogs can handle them without an issue. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE DRL's! THEY WILL MELT

The light output is AMAZING. It makes driving at night sooooo much better. And the projectors aim low, and wide. They don't blind other drivers.

Anyways, onto the pictures. Let me know what ya'll think!Name:  20121210_160329.jpg
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