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Originally Posted by BLACK10 View Post
top gear hates american cars, go back and watch some past vids....... the episode where they drive the CTS-V, ZR1 and SRT-8 Challenger from California to the Salt Flats. They start the episode bashing the cars and by the end of if they are raving about it. In fact they sum it up saying "We came to America to see if they finally made a muscle car that is suitable for the civilized world. The answer is no....they made 3"

Similarly look at the episode where he compares the ZR1 to the Audi R8. They say the Audi is the better car (which is impossible to argue against) but that the ZR1 is way more fun and has a soul and passion that the R8 can't match. They even go on to say that if they were picking between the 2 they would get the ZR1 for that very reason.

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