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A Message from GMConnects....

A lot of people are inquiring about the status of GMConnects so I thought I'd give those of you who are still interested an update.

I cannot promise you that you will see it at GM again but I do promise you it will be available again. Sorry to say that but my partners and I have invested plenty of time and a small fortune into the product/service and it's time to pursue a revenue stream for it.

GM is still in the picture and there are currently on going discussions at the executive level but I cannot say more than that at this point. I wish we can continue to provide the service but at this point we were advised not to. Should the discussions break down with GM and pick up with another auto manufacturer, we would be left in a very bad position if we had thousands of GM customers still being served.

GMConnects was built to give General Motors a competitive advantage by revolutionizing the car buying experience for ALL General Motors customers and to give customers a level of satisfaction that was not available anywhere else. We are extremely pleased with the feedback we have received by all of you over the past 3 years.

I hope I can come back here (as well as other sites) and tell you all we're back for good but right now all I can say is to stay tuned.

Thanks for understanding and it was great to read about all of your stories and see the delivery pictures. We'd especially like to thank all of you peeps who spoke up and demanded something better - you gave us something to work towards and really challenged our abilities.

Thanks again to everyone here!

Your GMConnects Team
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