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New Stripe Idea

Originally Posted by Doc View Post

I had all these "ideas" of stripes and what all that I was going to do to it when I was waiting those 3 long months before it arrived. But once I had it and was driving it I realized just how beautiful a car it actually is, just as it is. I changed the wheels and all my mods so far have been intake, exhaust, brakes, suspension (Pedder's), short-throw shifter, etc. which are performance improvements but do not change anything on the body of the car. I find myself extremely reluctant to do anything to the body until I can find something that I think will actually improve the looks. And believe me, that's been no easy task. The designers did an incredible job creating a beautiful car.

You can always have stripes painted on or custom paint mods done at any time. My advice is to get the car as it comes from the factory; live with it a bit and see how you feel about it. When I got mine I wouldn't let the dealer prep the outside of my car; I gave them strict instructions to NOT wash it so I picked it up dirty. I drove it home, very carefully hosed it off, clay-barred it, washed it and prepped it myself. When I stood there looking at that deep, rich midnight blue under the what a beautiful color and car.

Live with your Camaro a bit before making any changes to the body; you might fall in love with it the way it is or just want subtle changes instead of something radical. You can always get stripes and whatever later.

Great choice on color... congrats!
I too am having this issue. The more I stare at my IBM the more I think it is classic as is. If you think about it this color goes good with every other primary Camaro color. Orange, Grey, Silver, Black, Red, even yellow and green.

So I found the local rod painter and here's what I'm thinking. I'm looking at doing the stripes in a custom color changing paint. I am just starting to work with the shop so I haven't picked the color palette.

What do you folks think of this idea?
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