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Info on Arrington Engines

Eric at Arrington, is a great guy. I spend a week at Arrington Engines. What Pete says about their relationship with Pedders is being very modest. Buddy Arrington, was a great Nascar driver for Chrysler in the late 60s early 70s. Now they make all the Nascar motors for all Dodge/Chrysler teams for Nascar and also for Toyota for the Truck Series. What was suppose to be 30 minute tour of their manufacturing and R&D facility, turned into a 3 hour tour! It was off the charts.

Erc's LX is fast!! As well as he has a complete TrackII Pedders suspension. It was set up for more drag race settings than road race settings when I was there. But this should be fun!!

I think Pete's G8 has advantage due to weight, tires and suspension setup. But watching these 2 rocket ships go back to back, will be a trip and worthy of watching


Here is some pictures of Arrington Engines.

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